belly tank

404 brass nails - Elm - Walnut - Lime wood

Sculpture details


Size : L 161 cm / l 84 cm / h 42 cm


The body is made of thin elm slats, fixed with brass nails. The bottom of the body is veneered with amaranth wood.

The wheels, the exhausts and the spoiler are made of walnut.


Walnut and lime wood glued laminate was used for both axles.  The outlines of the cockpit were made in ebony from Gabon.




1/2 scale sculpture of the famous Belly Tank built after World War II by the So-Cal Speed ​​Shop garage in California.


These old additional fuel tanks made it possible to prolong flight time during conflicts. In large numbers in the military surplus of the time, their aerodynamic shape quickly interested speed racing pilots.


In 1952, after years of development within the So-Cal Speed ​​Shop, the most famous version was born. The P38 Belly Tank Lakester will set a new speed record in its class: 198,340 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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