Auto Union Type c  1936

Walnut - Oak

Sculpture Details

Dimensions: L 160cm / l 72cm / h 43cm

The body is made of thin walnut slats, fixed with brass nails.

The rims, the radiator grille and the spoiler are made of walnut.


Walnut and oak glued laminated timber was used for both axles.

The metal parts of the exhausts, the two axles, the steering wheel and the grille are made of steel.

The contours of the cockpit were made in Gabon ebony.

1/3 scale sculpture of the legendary Auto Union racing car from 1936 which won the Grand Prix championship that year.

The third racing car built by the brand, the Type C is one of the “silver arrows”. Bernd Rosemeyer won three of the four Grands Prix in 1936. The Grand Prix of Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

84 years separate the two photographies on the Monaco circuit. On the vintage one we see Rosemeyer's car, this one having to give up following an engine failure.

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