cRAFTMAn       wood Sculptor

"We start to ageing when we finish learning"

After a first professional life as an economist, it is around the age of 30 that the need to create becomes essential to me. From a very young age it is by my father's side that I have observed, assimilated and learnt to work with my hands. It is naturally that I have turned to cabinetmaking to professionalize this know-how. Learning achieved at the Superior School of Cabinetmaking in Barcelonnette.


I have a certain vision of craftsmanship: to design I do not work on 3D drawings but simply with a sheet and a pen. The manual tool remains a priority in my work.

I draw my ideas from a given era that interests me and then reinterpret it. I remain faithful to my initial idea, then up to me to solve the technical constraints.


My inspiration is being built. From mechanical sports to Kustom Kulture without forgetting the child in me, I find and draw mine from all these concentrations of talents. Settled in the mountains, this living environment nourishes and is inseparable from my vision of handcraft.


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